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Hudson Made Cedar Clove Body Balm (2 oz)

Why We Love It: A unique blend of botanicals that's mild enough to use daily, head-to-toe and it's packed with organic oils and natural fragrances.


Key Ingredients:Sunflower Oil Helianthus Annuus*, Jojoba Oil Simmondsia Chinensis*, Argan Oil Argania Spinosa*, Sweet Almond Oil Prunus Dulcis*, Shea Butter Vitellaria Paradoxa*, Bees Wax Sera Alba*, Vitamin E, Natural Fragrance. *Organic.


How to Use: Pop the top of the tin and gently rub your fingers over the surface. You do not need to break the surface of the balm. The heat from your hands will melt and transfer a little bit onto your fingertips. From there simply rub the balm into your skin as needed.