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Scotch Porter Smoothing Hair Balm (3.4 oz)

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Why We Love It: It's a multitasker—renews moisture, prevents frizz, creates definition and fights flakes. The formula includes healthy hair & scalp botanicals like biotin, kale protein, and horsetail extract that promotes healthy hair growth and helps prevent hair thinning.


Key Ingredients: Abyssinian Oil helps to improve manageability, shine, moisturization and protect against irritants. Kale Protein blend combines the strength of kale, carrot, and lemon into one nutrient rich blend designed to condition and moisturize the hair while fighting the signs of damage. Biotin Liposomes are known to be a key ingredient for strong hair, skin and nails.


How to Use: Gently massage a small amount into damp hair and scalp. Style, comb or brush your hair in your desired style.